Darlow details of the plans for the Pitt football partnership


Sarah Cutshall, Senior Staff Photographer

Pitt football, announced a partnership on Tuesday with a brand-marketing consultant Jeremy Darlow.

“Sports is a business” — it’s a common refrain in college sports, coaches are changing teams, which will be used in order to take into account the individual nature of the event. But for Pitt football, it will soon take on a new meaning.

The Panthers recently it was announced a collaboration with Jeremy Darlow, a brand, a marketing executive of 15 years, which is a detailed plan to help the athletes prepare for life after sport, Zoom, and media call of last Thursday.

“I’m helping college athletes build their brands in specific, in order to make it in life after the sport,” Darlow said. “It’s not about the sign in the shoe business. It’s not going to have to take notes. It is not about the redemption of a cheque, in front of me. It’s about the way we have children, and to build a plan for life after sport.”

During the interview, Darlow, offered some insight into what his goals are for the co-operation with Pitt. He said that the programme, which will function similar to a class, lesson plans, and homework assignments to make, it takes just four minutes a day, will help athletes in the form of a personal brand, which will help them after their playing days are over. He’s going to have to work with the athletes both individually and in group settings.

Darlow also said that his work Likely does not have anything to do with impending changes in the NCAA rules related to athlete compensationand that is his work focuses mainly on sportsmen and sportswomen who are not likely to see a fee more.

“These kids need to realize that just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. We need to build a parallel plan,” Darlow said. “I’m not going to rain on everyone’s parade. If their goal is to make it in the NFL, as well as their goal is to get you to sign an endorsement deal with … so I’m going to cheer you on. But, at the same time, we need to have a plan beyond that, and that you put on when you’re walking out on the field.”

Panthers head coach Pat Narduzzi, who, Darlow said it reached a couple of weeks ago,” he said, and was pleased to see the launch of the partnership.

“We want to equip our student-athletes with the knowledge and skills that they have, for the rest of their lives,” Narduzzi said in a news release.

Darlow’s experience is mainly with the help of professionals, such as NFL stars Aaron Rodgers and Von Miller, among others, has left his position as director of marketing for Adidas, football, and baseball, to focus on how to work with the students. He has worked with a variety of the college’s athletic programs, including those of Michigan, Notre Dame, UCLA and Texas A&M. and Pitt, West Virginia and Colorado have been some of the most recent schools to use Darlow services. He has also worked with the athletic departments at some schools, but it will only work with the football team at Pitt.


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