Crysis Remastered slowed down as the fans are upset with the graphics of the game


With the release of the gameplay trailer of Crysis Remastered is scheduled for 9:30 IS yesterday’s flight was cancelled a few hours before. And Crytek usa, soon to be followed by a comment. According to a tweet from the devs are delaying the launch of the game and the release date of the trailer. It is well known that the game will make its debut on the Nintendo connector as well. Also, Read Crysis Remastered release date leaked ahead of the gameplay reveal

But the real problem was, and what was the reason for the developers to suddenly have to cancel the launch of the trailer. This is apparently because of a leaked trailer of the game to upset the fans were disappointed with the graphics. Crytek’s immediate response to the postponement of the launch. Also, Read Crysis Remastered confirmed, coming to PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch

The Fans were not happy with the quality of the graphics in the Crysis Remastered the leaked trailer, and most felt that there was not a lot of changes since the 2007 version of the game. A fan went on to say that the re-master, “appears to be the original Crysis, but with the lowest settings.” You can check out the leaked trailer below.

It’s all over the news for the dev team, since the original Crysis game and was released in 2007 and has grown to be a graphics benchmark. The original Crysis game had a futuristic-looking graphics that have defied time and the Pc’s were having trouble with the game. It even gave birth to a meme, which is a new PC that would appeal to the question, “But can it run Crysis?” The game has been used as a benchmark against which to measure the flex, no matter how powerful a PC is, is under question.

Hence, it peaked people’s curiosity, as Crytek has announced that with the release of Crysis Remastered. “The high quality of the textures, and improve the art assets,” and the game should run on Nintendo’s the Switch that I have.

Have the devs addressed this issue, and acknowledge the flaw in their statement. She said: “This extra period of time to release, it will allow us to make Crysis Remastered for the PC and for the console to break the standard you’ve come to expect from the Crysis games.”


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