Council Member Cunningham’s Opposition To The Closure Of Beaches • Atascadero News


A statement from the State Council, Jordan Cunningham, responding to reports of the strict beach closures

Today, a Member of Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) made the following statement in response to reports in the media that the Governor is Gavin Newsom has been the closure of all beaches statewide:

“This is absolutely the wrong decision. There is no science and no data to back this decision up, or its raison d’être.

“In accordance with the local public health officials, as well as beaches on the Central Coast, there are well-maintained, and the people with respect to their social distance. The decision does not agree with the constitution, as set out in Article X, Section 4, of the California State Constitution guarantees the right of access to the shoreline.

“Public health officials agree that outdoor recreation is good, particularly in times of stress and crisis. We are in need of opportunities to be involved in recreational activities. Don’t punish the entire state because of the beaches in the Southern part of California, and, perhaps, to the press, a report from the South Carolina officials, even in the event of litigation.”


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