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July 30, 2020 – The chinese-born, London-based designer and Feng, Chen Wang, has been given a cult following for its emotional and multi-dimensional aesthetic.

Year after year, in her early work, the relay is a certain freedom in today’s world, without any reservation, to create a vision for the future, by means of the study of the past.

Wang’s collaboration with Converse, is an example of such an approach. Through a series of exciting articulation of the brand attributes, the Chuck 70, ERX-and-Learning — they have made a name for itself in the shoe world. Now, her sights are set on the iconic Jack Purcell.

Recognized by the nose and “smile”, Jack Purcell, arrived at the badminton courts in 1935. Feng Chen Wang gives a personal take on it, with the help of the Chinese characters of which the form of its Mandarin chinese name, to create a dynamic system of stratification which leads to an obvious exaggeration, the Jack Purcell Middle of the simple top.

In it, she takes it in leather and suede, allowing the textures to add a touch of subtle dimensionality. The design reflects her identity, her heritage is mixed in perfectly with the contemporary energy of Shanghai (where it is still getting regular shows) and one in London.

The experiments are in an over-extension of the collection of clothing, including a variety of asymmetric pieces, designed for the formation of a unified, coherent statement. The composition of each and every piece adds a new dimension to the traditional silhouette of a jacket, waistcoat, short trousers, short-sleeves, tee with a single-minded focus on the material, structure, and ideas.

Designed to mix-and-match styling and are available in two complementary colour palettes, the collection is completed by a cap-and-convertible-cross-body-bag.

For the Converse, x Feng, Chen Wang, the Jack Purcell Centre, and apparel to release the 6th of August.

Download high-res photos here.


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