Cineworld Think, BECAUSE on a Universal Deal that it Is the Wrong Move, the Company Won’t


AMC Theatres and Universal Pictures worked with recently had a major shake-up in the film industry by cutting a deal that will make it possible to create new theatrical releases will be debut on the premium video-on-demand the 17 days of the initial release. This is something that all theater chains, have been fighting against for years. And it looks like Cineworld, the parent company of Regal Cinemas is going to continue to fight against it.

The company is the second-largest retail chain in the united states, trailing only academic medical center. Cineworld, in general, more than 787 theaters in ten states. After the news of the latest deal, Cineworld CEO Mooky Greidinger to respond. By Gridinger, they just don’t see the value in making a deal for yourself.

“At the Cineworld/the Company, we are not changing our policy with respect to the notes of the only films that are well respected in the theatrical window. We don’t see the business sense in this model.

The Details of the deal aren’t currently known, but the medical center will take part in the premium video-on-demand profits. These movies are generally going for a price in the neighborhood of $20. Universal had the good fortune to get to do this with titles such as: Troll: World Tour earlier in the year. The problem is, the theater chains is that it is seemingly to deter some viewers from heading to the box office. Instead, choosing to wait for the VOD release. Mooky Greidinger, speaking, further, made it clear to Cineworld would be seeking to cut down on the current, exclusive theatrical window.

“Even though we don’t yet know the full details, and we have made the analysis of the movement in the industry, and we will analyze it. People need to are aware of the fact that it is the first major motion picture from Universal, comes in only six months, so there’s no pressure here. However, we consider this to be a wrong move at the wrong time. It is clear that we are not changing our policy with respect to the notes of the only movies that respect the audience’s window.”

At the moment, the theatres and enjoy an exclusive window of up to three months prior to the theatrical release. In theory, this is a new deal with Universal that would allow the big titles, such as F9 or Jurassic World Domination available from the comfort of your hame, less than three weeks after they hit theaters. Although it is currently believed that the Universal is usually to stick to the exercise of this option, with a mid-budget films, it is a more of a theatrical window, and the big blockbusters. But the problem is that the exhibitors as well as the Company might not take too kindly to the studio’s release of the early films in video-on-demand. Both Regal and AMC butted heads with Universal earlier in the year, when the studio said that it would continue with the practice of premium video-on-demand releases.

Ultimately, this could lead to the Company’s or any other chains are refusing to show movies that do not conform to the agreed-upon exclusive theatrical window. It is important, therefore, that this is a multi-year deal with the amsterdam academic medical centre only extends to the US, it has not yet been revealed just how long the deal runs. In any case, in the film, as we know it, is in the midst of a seismic shift, and it could get rocky for a new, “normal”, is arranged. This news comes to us via the Deadline.


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