Check out the Xiaomi Ecosystem Product Launch here from 1 pm (uk time)


Today, Xiaomi has been having a huge product launch, which we expect to see from a variety of devices. The event, which is likely to be in the first place is the new Mi an electric scooter to see the light of day, and in the e-Band 5 is the Mi Smart Band 5. There is also at least one phone is planned for the Redmi 9th – as good as a new one.

The event will take place online at 14:30 hours, Xiaomi links to the stream will be on all of our social media pages up to 12:00 pm GMT, we will have a YouTube video of it below, but you can also go to Facebook or Twitter, where we will be on the left at the end of this article.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 has been launched in two variants, one with and one without NFC, so, according to the Portuguese web site, with the international market, only the most recent version.

We have to expect that something similar happens with the Redmi in the 9 – and we have already a version in China and Spain, is using NFC, but in other markets, they are unlikely to be in the state. Given the market it’s not market-dependent, Xiaomi is likely to expose it to the rest of the countries in which the phone will be available in their respective Mi the shops very soon.

With the COVID-19, and all of the events that are taking place on facebook, so we will have a view of the stream from the comfort of our couches and chairs. If you do happen to miss any of the unveilings, a perfect stay – we will not publish anything that might be of interest for the Product Launch once it’s over.

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