Charlamagne Tha God Calls out a Non-Peaceful Protest is in Response to George’s Music’s ‘ Murder ‘of America’s’ Karma’


Charlamagne Tha God has never shied away from telling the truth or speaking his mind. For that, we have to appreciate him as an essential voice in our culture. The new york Times best-selling author made an appearance on ESPN’s First Monday morning. Charla spoke to the country in the current climate, as a result of the horrible murder of George on the Cover.

“This is what happens when you have a country that promises liberty and justice for all, but it gives you the liberty and justice for white people.”

The Breakfast Club a radio host is going to have to talk about the history of the united states. Discrimination against and systematic oppression of African-Americans in this prison, the progression.

“Ain’t no good is going to come to the us until they are right by Black people.”

By 2020, we will continue to bear the same burdens of the dead ancestors, who have died for our civil rights today.

“All this country needed was for a reason, and it has been given to Black people for 400 years plus of reasons to be mad,” said Charlamagne. “I’m really shocked that we don’t get a long, long time ago.”

On Friday, the former Us police officer, Derek Chauvin was charged with murder and third-degree murder.

Stephen A. Smith spoke to the issue, and saying that the 2nd stage is to the right of costs, the former officer Adds. Smith added that the other officers are sleeping, and are looking into the death of George on the Cover will need to be charged with the murder as well.


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