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Xbox announced via the Xbox Wire that, in this episode of Inside Xbox, it will kick off an Xbox 20/20, which will take place during the remainder of the year, in the run-up to the launch of the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has announced that it is planning to showcase the next generation of the Xbox Series, X-games, on the 7th of May. This is In the Xbox, the stream will begin at 8:30 PM (Indian Time), with a particular focus on the next generation of games. As part of the announcement, the company will be presenting a number of games of the “global developer partners. As a part of the stream, the Services will also include the presentation of the first gameplay trailer of its newest title, Assassin’s Creed: brotherhood Valhalla. Also Read – Microsoft to showcase the Xbox Series the X-games are on the 7th of May, with Assassin’s Creed: brotherhood Valhalla gameplay trailer

Microsoft wrote in a presser that, “The COVID-19 virus, it has encouraged us to think about the ways in which we come together to celebrate the important milestones in the history of gaming. Xbox is 20/20, it is a way to engage, connect, and celebrate our global community on what’s in store for the next generation of gaming. Each month, an Xbox 20/20 with something else, but it will be our biggest news about the Xbox Series, X, Xbox, Game Studios, the Xbox, the Game is Over and the Project is xCloud.” Also Read – Microsoft-Xbox-Series-new-logo-revealed in a note

Xbox 20/20: Details

The Xbox is 20/20, it will be the first to see the appearance of the next-gen, gameplay, trailers, and sneak peeks a wide array of partners throughout the world and to the industry. The Game’s creators to tell us what they are doing with their games on the Xbox, the Series X. for the Confirmation of the games that will make use of Microsoft ‘ s Smart to deliver. All of the games shown in the episode, will, Xbox Series, X, is optimized. This is a special episode it can be caught The Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for the 4K video stream. Also Read on – Xbox-Series-X-India-launch can be aligned with the global one

The Microsoft Xbox Series, the X-games to showcase; for details, see

We are talking about an Xbox Game Studios games, we will have more details on these titles sometime in the month of June. As part of the “Inside Xbox” stream announcement, Aaron Greenberg, the company’s general manager of Xbox games marketing, in a statement. Greenberg added, “So excited for our partners and provides us with a first look at the Xbox, a Series of X-game next week.” He went on to say, “I Also know that the Xbox Game Studios, the teams have been hard at work on some big summer plans. For more details, see you soon!” The company did not reveal the platform to be used for streaming from the upcoming show. In the official announcement, we will have to keep an eye on Xbox’s YouTube channel, or the in-house Xbox to the Mixer from the power.

With this current announcement, only a couple of hours after Ubisoft revealed the cinematic trailer for the much-hyped Assassin’s Creed: brotherhood Valhalla. The game is set to go to the country on Holiday, by 2020, just in time for the start of the Xbox Series, X-off. As pointed out in the past Assassin’s Creed: brotherhood Valhalla one of the first next-generation games, which are addressed in the Xbox Series the X.

Take a look at that, Valhalla it is set in the 10th century in modern-day Europe. The game will continue on with the game theme, which is, in the last two games. Players are expected to follow Eivora Viking raider, as the commander of their clan from Norway to the uk.


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