Canon India executive, C, Sukumaran talks about the EOS, R5, R6


Canon India recently announced its latest flagship mirrorless camera series, the EOS, R5, and R6 are in the market. According to the announcement, the share details and the price of, in India, and the availability of the series to be released in the country. Recapping the information that is shared during the announcement, the company noted that both the series will go on sale in the next month. The R5 will be priced at Rs 3,39,995, while the R6 will be in a total amount of Rs 2,15,995. After the launch, we sat with the executive Director of Image Communication Products business, C, Sukumaran to be talking about a new product. Let’s check out the questions relating to the Canon EOS, R5, and R6 are the official responses on here. Also, Read the Canon EOS, R5, and R6 being launched in India, 8-video recording, in-body stabilization, and more

C, Sukumaran up to the new Canon EOS-R5, start; for details, see

As a part of the conversation, we started off with the presentation of the new Canon EOS-R5 in the mirrorless camera market. For some context, the EOS-R5 includes a number of firstsc to the mirrorless market with a top-of-the-line specs. In view of the characteristics, Sukumaran has confirmed that the smartphone will be able to focus on the professional video-makers. He also noted that Canon makes the focus on the video aspect of the R5. This will ensure that the user is capable of shooting both videos and images with the help of the camera. Professionals don’t have to buy a secondary camera, which is a complement to their main camera, while taking better videos, or vice-versa). Also, please Read Canon EOS-1DX Mark III was launched in India at Rs 575,995; specifications

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Some of the marquee features, which are compatible with 8K video recording, 4K at 120 fps, and much more. Out of the 120fps option for slow-motion video capture, Canon also added support for other popular FPS, the options for your wedding photography. Sukumaran is also to be noted is that the R5 will also have to respond to the OTT platform and content producers at the moment. We have also asked for an explanation of the differences between the EOS, R5, and R6. Sukumaran looks at the more obvious differences are in the specifications, including the sensor resolution, the 8K video recording capability, and much, much more. Read more: Canon PowerShot G5-X for the Mark II and the canon PowerShot G7 X, the Mark III was launched in India: Price, Features,

The differences between the R5 and the R6

Beyond the marked differences in Canon India’s Vice president, Jaikumar Pillai will also share information on the hidden differences. Pillai noted that the R5 will come with a 500,000 shutter of the cycle, and the R6 has a 300,000 shutter cycles. This means that the R5, it will take almost twice as long in comparison to the R6. The other key differences in the CF and to Express support and a card slot on the R5, together with weather sealing. Pillai noted that the R5 features a weather-resistant seal, which is similar to that found on the EOS 5D d-slr cameras. The move to the EOS, R6, and we will get weather-sealing which is very similar to the canon EOS 6D range.

A trip to the 8K, the future of products, and COVID

We also wanted to get an idea of how Canon managed to achieve the 8K video recording capability in, for example, a form-factor. However, instead of talking about R&D, Sukumaran told of the idea of the “why’s” of how to add 8K as a function of. The “why” is focused on addressing the needs of professional users with a compact video-capable camera system. The Canon has a focus on the needs of the customer for years to come, instead of focusing on the here-and-now. This will ensure that photographers and video producers will be happy with the product, it has its own life.

Canon-EOS-R5-8K video recording

Furthermore, the R5 and R6, we have tried to gather some information about the rumors on the release device. This includes the EOS, R7, RS, and the future of the new M-series devices. However, the company does not share any of your information with regard to the future of the device in the line-up during the interaction. Sukumaran was doing, to emphasize the fact that the Canon India and has a deep understanding of the consumer. The company has more than one study in order to ensure that the delicate products to satisfy the needs of the consumer. It will also ensure that the R&D centres will be able to anticipate and meet current and future needs of our customers.

Corona virus, with the picture, PM Cares, covid is 19, google its large variety of restaurants

The conversation naturally drifted on to the current scenario in the country and around the corona virus. We thought that this was the launch of the camera at such a difficult time, it was somewhat surprising. Sukumaran, shared some interesting insights about the decision to make the launch of the new EOS, the R-series. He did note that there is a pandemic, it has a large, industry-wide impact on the users. But, at the same time, a number of photographers, and casual users are buying the products for their vlogging-or-home-video-content-on-YouTube. This is thought to be due to the quality of the image from the Canon cameras offer it to their customers.

New ways and new needs of the customers

Sukumaran, that the ordinary user can not compensate for the sales figures of the professional and general public. However, he did note that with the advent of youtube users, or a hobby was good for the industry. He also noted that the pandemic has been pushed, the photographers and the crowd to get to us. This innovation and the necessary development of the wedding industry, is the push for Canon to continue to be fit for the future and his / her needs.

An example of this evolution is the need for a live-stream videos to family and friends at the wedding. Most of our clients have come to realize that smart phones are not adequate to address these new requirements. At the very end, Sukumaran did you take into account that the company was on the boards of the following steps are involved in this situation. Out of these, all you can do is to be prepared.


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