BYJU’s is the preschool online to the Early Learning app


If you have a child between the ages of four-to-six-year-old, then there is a fair chance that you are concerned about their education. While the current catch of the parents have repeatedly conveyed concern about the education of their children. Ericsson ConsumerLab noted that 60 per cent of the respondents in India have expressed their concern about access to education. BYJU’S, the company that digitized education in India, aims to solve those problems. For many years, BYJU’S will be provided for children in grades 1 through 12 on the various boards in the country. Also Read – Google’s Classroom program, now has 40 million registered users, 30 million students

It is the addition of two new classes in the form of LKG and UKG. The new theory is also available as part of the Children’s Learning and is also accessible through the Disney BYJU’S Early Learning app for ios, Android, and iOS. With this feature, BYJU’S Early Learning app is available for all classes from LKG to Class 3. With this new product, BYJU’S will, in order to meet the children to enter the formal education system, also sometimes referred to as the ones who are in the schools. Even though it is the first of its kind for children in India, it is the product that could be one of the most powerful yet. Please also make use of AI in the health, education, solutions, Prasad-for-start-ups

BYJU’S is explained by the product of that marriage, learning with the characters designed by walt Disney. If your child is a Frozen fan, imagine a classroom in which the Elsa has to be your child’s teacher. In the beginning of the app, to learn, and the course material is based on a fundamental principle of learning is combined with exciting activities. Vinay, the LORD, the Chief Content Officer at BYJU’S is the new product of a merger between the learning and the telling of stories, and exploration”. Also have Read Apple seems to be in order to get back to the head of the class in the education market

BYJU is the Beginning of Learn App to scan in the nursery

While there is still time for the physical classroom teaching will start the course by BYJU’s can fill the gap. The actual edge of BYJU’s a new class session for LKG and UKG, it is the synergy between the Disney stories and subjects, such as Maths and English. For example, if your child chooses to Dory, and then, in the classroom teaching of mathematics is Dory in the world, and the Marlin will come to the fore.

The experience gained from the course to the app, which is built around the two pillars of the parents and the child. While the child is learning the parent is able to follow in real time the progress that is made. This allows for them to be able to control the skill is to be mastered by their children, and to those of you who are more on the practical. For the children in the school, the courses serve as the concept of the building is combined with a fun and gamified experience. “We strongly believe in the concept of building from a young age, will play a crucial role in the way a child approaches learning in the future,” Vinay MR., Chief Content Officer at BYJU’s said in a statement.

While the app is simple and straightforward, and the content is excellent. The building material of BYJU’s the Beginning of the Lean, it is an adaptive, personalized recommendation engine, which recommends the learning of the exercises, which are based on the progress, and the proficiency of the child. Also, there is a learning card which is really convenient for the parents, which shows some of the information that is learned by the child. This map shows how the different forms of learning are connected to each other, for your children.

Of Disney Characters to Teach Math and English Concepts

Since we’re talking kindergartners here, BYJU’s is focused on the use of video-features-to highlight the learning. It all starts with the telling of stories using video as a way to learn the basics of Maths and / or English. For example, a wall will appear with your child can be, literally, a place that is not only the right, but the understanding of the dynamics of the debate. There are also interactive rhymes and sing-along videos with the Disney characters, that is, the re-introduction of the concept of the Math and the English language, but it is so fun and it is not just the process of learning.

While the experience is in digital format, BYJU is claiming that its approach is phygital, a term used to describe a combination of physical and digital experiences. The company, through the acquisition of OSMO, which uses a computer-vision framework for offline and online integration, with the use of digital spreadsheets. Pramod Sharma, President, Technology & Product, BYJU, says that it has been built keeping in mind that children these days are ‘digital natives’, who have an intuitive understanding of the technology.

Sharma told BGR India that BYJU is the LKG and UKG classes are priced at Rs 10,000 per year. It roughly translates to a little more than that Rs 800 per month. The course consists of the reflector, and the OSMO base. The OSMO foundation will be used for the mounting of the tablet device, as the reflector will help the camera to look in the direction of the digital counter. The lamp is in a position to see your child’s progress is almost immediate and the handling of the response to the app. BYJU’s is the use of the computer for recognition, and machine learning to build courses that appeal to these young people.


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