Bruce Campbell is the statement of Richard Nixon, in a dark, Dark Comedy-Thriller “to 18 1/2” to


It’s not a project that we are going to be out of this piece of news, but we thought of it all Bruce Campbell the fans who would be excited to hear that it is a horror icon, and has signed on to star in the political dark comedy thriller 18 1/2the granting of the vote of the Richard Nixon!

The Wrap it broke on the news tonight, and the site explains how the historical fiction film is on the 18 1/2 minutes of audio to be erased by President Nixon in the Oval Office, a voice recording system that led to the unraveling of the Watergate scandal.” The voice you hear on those tapes is to be provided by Him, and it sounds as though he doesn’t physically appear in the film.

Dan Mirvish it is the cause of it, and Bruce’s frequent co-star Ted Raimi also on board!

It is interesting to note that mr Campbell had recently played Ronald Reagan in the ‘Fargo’ TV series, so this is the second time that he will be playing an ex-President of the United States of america.

To learn more about be on The front Cover.


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