Broadcom’s CEO hints at a delay in the itunes store in 12 starts


The international monetary fund quotes, Broadcom CEO, Hock Tan, who has a “significant product cycle,” in a “major North American cell phone” be a transcript, etc.). He did not mention the company by name, but it’s not that hard to figure out he’s talking about Apple.

Broadcom is a key supplier for the iphone this January, the company made a us $15 billion to get out of san francisco. The current iPhone, the 11 models are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi internet access and hardware, but an analyst at Moor Insights, says that Broadcom would have to have LTE and even 5G parts, for the future of the iphone.

However, the slowdown was noted during transcription, and to alert investors to the traditional increase in sales in Q3 is likely to be pushed back to Q4. However, there has been no change in the area of design, there is no difference in terms of the content,” said its chief executive officer.

iPhone-11, Pro, Max, from each other, the next day we were up with the various Broadcom chips) <a href=image credit“width=”400″ height=”300” src=””/>

iPhone, for 11, Pro, Max, from each other, the next day we were up with the various Broadcom chips)

In the last couple of years, Apple unveiled and started selling its new iPhone models in September, with a few exceptions, such as the iPhone-XR-sales slowed down). The work on the 2020 models, it took longer than expected, and if the pandemic is to prevent Apple’s engineers to travel to China to finalize the design.

The different points of sale, and analysts are predicting delays in the production process of Apple’s plans. Is the last weather forecast for a launch in the month of November.



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