Britney Spears was Recently on Dancing To One Of Justin Timberlake’s Song, and also spoke about his break, And He Soon Decided to Respond To it!


While some of the celebs that have tried to be friends even after a break-up, some of them have rather continued to be in a formal relationship, with absolutely no contact. It seems the two exes have announced that, once again, this time for a dance! Let’s take the whole thing off.

Britney Spears Dancing To One Of Justin Timberlake’s Song, And the Fans Are confused!

Apparently, Britney Spears is recently on dancing with her ex Justin Timberlake’s song, Nasty, and uploaded it to Instagram. This whole thing has successfully captured Justin’s attention.

While the singer wrote as a caption to say that it is the conversion of the whole of the dance, or how many other people are doing! However, the interesting part was the singing sensation of the approach of the whole break up fiasco with Timberlake. Not only that, but she admitted that the man was a genius, after all! Take a look at the video that’s pulled up to her ex to attract attention. Here’s a video of the celebrity dance.

The Video Soon caught Justin Timberlake’s Attention!

However, as the video caught Timberlake’s attention, and he was quick to respond to the video with a series of positive and emojis. The two dated for almost three years, and after the invocation of the program will be completed in 2002.

While the two of them went out for a little while, there was a bit of a drama, and finally led to the final break. Now, both of them have moved on with their respective partners, as well as the recent incident, it is clear to see how the exes were all very cordial with each other, with no hard feelings! Even Britney Spear’s boyfriend makes a comment on the video saying that all of these new trends, it has been pretty much inspired by her.


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