Brings Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II-promo video, photos, and cool AI-focus demo


Sony’s cameras have always been the most important features of the sony Xperia smartphones, even if they haven’t always had the best results. With the ultra-1 and-II, and the company promises to be great shots and videos thanks to the improved hardware and data processing. And, that is, the focus is on one of the latest promo videos.

But what is more interesting is this is a short video on how to have the AI focus will work. A machine learning algorithm takes the data of the 3D ToF sensor is on the back side to lock on the subject quickly and accurately. With the use of a topographical map made by the ToF camera to obtain depth perception, the separation of the subject from the background, and will have to decide where to focus, what this means is that the focus is supposed to work flawlessly, even in low-light conditions.

And if you’d like to learn a little more about the handset, like totally, you can have a look at this hands-on video of the Sony. It’s not just cameras, but also the 5G connectivity, performance, display and battery life.


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