‘Bloody: Curse of the Moon 2″ Is scheduled For More than one system


In a move out of left field, it Just has been announced as a follow-up to the prequel Bleeding: – Ritual of the Night in Bloody: a Curse, of, the, Moon. The curse of The Moon 2 it will be headed to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo, Connector, and Fig.

The original The curse of The Moon it was a throwback to the classic 8-bit I would of games, games. The curse of the Moon 2 with four playable characters (three of which are new), each with a variety of gameplay options, features, and methods to have an internship. Just like in the original game, you’ll be able to instantly switch characters that you have recruited at any given time.

The curse of the Moon 2 also, having two different styles of play, “Veteran” and “Casual.” “Veteran” is just like the classic 8-bit Castlevaniasincluding the movement of enemies and limited lives, while in the “Casual” it makes it so the attacks will not knock player back, you have unlimited lives, and much, much more.

No release date has been announced as of yet.


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