Black Shark 3S 120Hz screen compared to the iPhone, for 11, Pro Max


In order to add to the news from earlier today that Black Shark and 3S will be announced on July 31, the company has released an official teaser video, showing more details about the phone’s specifications. The display will support 120Hz refresh rates for smooth animation and high frame-rate gaming, while 270Hz, tap the refresh rate of the digitizer provides for optimal touch response.

The teaser image also shows a 6.67-inch AMOLED-display with support for MEMC 3.0, which interpolates extra frames in all the mainstream video, giving it the appearance that it has a higher frame rate. This is a job for the first time, was introduced to the OnePlus For 8 Pro 120Hz monitor.

The degree of fineness of the display, a different video compared to the touch response and refresh rates to that of the iPhone, the 11 Pro-Max side-by-side, face down.

The Black Shark and 3S, it was teased last week, in the pictures posted by the CEO of the company. They can show you a few of the phone’s front and back sides with the three main cameras, and a modern, angular design.

By way of comparison, the Black Shark, the 3 the smartphone had a screen with only a 90 hz refresh rate. In addition to the beefed-up display specs, we’re expecting the 3S to come out with a Snapdragon 865+, and it will most likely offer a default algorithm 3.1 is the storage speed. The upper end of the Black Shark, The 3 Pro supports 65W quick charge, so we can expect it to be the same for the 3S, while crossing the fingers that it might even be a new 120W charging technology in which Xiaomi is expected to be announced next month.

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