B&H is key to the price of the Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II-pre-order to hide the


After an agonizingly long wait, the Sony dsc-1, II finally went on pre-order, but now it seems that there are some problems behind the scenes. B&H was the first AMERICAN retailer to make a list of all the phone has to be removed from the price of the page as well.

Rather, it is the new flagship model is set to cost $ 1,200, but for now, we don’t know. Sony US is mum on the subject. For what it’s worth, the phone is still listed at the original a €1,200 prize in the Belsimpel in the Netherlands, and JAPAN 133,600 in Au, in Japan.

These do not change the price, rather it may be a problem of the availability of B&H will never be posted to date and is not Belsimpel. This means that the phone is 1 and II is only available in Japan.

In the previous year (end of June), which is the original Xperia 1 went on pre-order in the U.S. at B&H and many other retailers, at a price of $950, along with a pair of WHITE-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones. A Pre-order in the Netherlands, the Mark II will also be bundled with the XM3, and the situation in the US, it is not entirely clear. In any event, you probably won’t see it, it’s a new flagship in North America and Europe for the month of June.

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