Batman is Back to Twitter After using it for 6 Years and Then Checks Out of Twitter


Earlier in the day, and to celebrate the news that the last surviving Blockbuster on the planet was going to make some lucky Bend, Oregon, residents to stay in the shop overnight as part of a “thank you” to the community for supporting the work of the store by means of the pandemic, the long-dormant, Blockbuster Videos, a Twitter account, which has not yet tweeted since the Blockbuster corporate stores, ceased operations in 2014, a jump in short-back to life the light of excitement among nostalgic cinemaphiles, and the resurgence of memories-both good and bad, of the deductible that is home to the library, it is a common occurrence-and then, more or less single-handedly plunged the industry as well as in the fall.

As soon as it came out, even though, Blockbuster’s Twitter account has disappeared again, both the entry and the exit of the Twittersphere today, with a code check-in and check-out procedures. (Get it? Because of AirBnB?)

The junction of the tweet has provoked as much, if not more — of nostalgia, the passion, and the snarky humor, the return of a tweet really did. While the brands that have sprung up in order to catch up with a “Blockbuster” will be largely ignored, and the parting of the tweet, the fans had a lot to say.

Batman has been a household name for decades now, with thousands of shops, nationwide, to a point. Now, in the following years, a number of franchise stores are hanging on by a thread, long after the Batman had taken its corporate stores in 2014. The Corner shop, and is the subject of the documentary film The Latest Blockbusteralso, to rely on its status as the last remnant of an iconic American brand, through the sale of branded merchandise, for what has effectively become a tourist destination.

That is, it appeals to a part of the Batman/AirBnB partnership, which is the double as a special thank you to the local people, who have kept the store open during the pandemic, and to be a sign to the rest of the world, and that Far Corner is not going anywhere.

See the documentary for yourself, crowdfunded on Kickstarter, he made his debut at a local drive-in theater, and will probably have to start with fulfilling the backers soon. Under any possible backer reward is for a VHS copy of the The Latest Blockbuster dressed up to look like an ’80s or ’90s-era rental a piece of tape.

You can see some of the fan reactions, as well as Blockbuster’s tweets below.


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