Backwoods Crime Drama, The Missing Ingredient


Arkansas is a noir, crime, drama, cut from the Tarantino and the Coen brothers ‘ room. Shady drug dealers with a single-word names to doublecross each other in the various backwoods of the settings. It is the feature directorial debut of Clark Duke, who is also the script is custom and is a co-star. The performance of an ex-service man cast-you can’t win with a clear plot. Style trumps substance, as simple, supporting characters come and go and illogically. As a country, and blues-driven soundtrack by The Flaming Lips might be more memorable than the movie.

Also, break the bank (Liam Hemsworth) is a no-nonsense, on the level of the street, the pusher is a mysterious gangster called the Frog in the well. He has been linked with a Swing (Clark Duke), a talkative prince charming who, out of his element as a tough guy. The men were recruited to work in Hot Springs, Ark., under the guise of the park ranger. They take their orders from the Ranger is very Clear (John Malkovich), who argues for simple rules. The most important of all is to continue to be spoken. Very kind and helpful to everyone, especially the local girls.

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Get out and Swing the case if the rangers (while making a drug run across the south. An ill-fated trip to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store leads to an unexpected encounter. Swing fool starts a romance with Joan (Eden Brolin), which sets off a chain of murderous events. Like to Get out and Swing more and more entangled in the Frog, in the business, and the crime lord’s power is revealed in the flashback.

Arkansas, which is described in the sections of this document. Some of these take place in the past with the Frog in the well. So the public is aware of Frog’s identity, as the characters bumble about trying to figure it out. It is this aspect of the film feels like the classic Pulp Fictionbut it is not as slim. Frog on compliance with the code names and the confidentiality requirement, it is nonsensical here. He tells her the baby and the Swing only a handful of people, so that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to discover a Frog in the well.

The only character with depth or emotion, it is a Frog. I’ll keep the actor in a non-spoiler territory. John Malkovich’s turn as the head of the rangers, and the drug of the lieutenant is short-lived. He has very little screen time, and doesn’t do much. The rest of the supporting cast, it could be cardboard cut-outs. Eden is Brolin’s sole purpose is to make the cringing girl. Her response is to Get out and Swing to the other criminal activities was incredible. There are also two villains that have been reached in the third act. They feel plucked out of nowhere and muddy the film’s climax.

Clark Duke has a shot, and after shot of a drug that is casually transmitted. The methods used range from the illegal to be so funny. Arkansas it can be a primer about the transmission of the PCP, in a public setting. That’s pretty much the extent of the drug trade. What we see in the direct business, and nothing more. Arkansas comments on the details. The film is superficially true, it should be grainy.

Arkansas had a hard time to keep my interest. Clark Duke and Liam Hemsworth have a certain amount of chemistry, but their characters are too static. They have been developed with very little plot to the story. The only thing that you can relate to the music. Arkansas it is a production from story board to Media and Media to Finance and Capital. It’s available now digitally, and on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate.

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