August Alsina breaks down and the silence after it alleged he had affair with Jada Pinkett Smith


August Alsina claimed that he was having an affair with Jada Pinkett Smith (Picture: WireImage)

August Alsina has spoken for the first time claimed that he had been having an affair with Jada Pinkett Smith.

The 27-year-old appeared on The Breakfast Club for an interview with Angela Yee where he claimed that will Smith gave him his blessing to the relationship.

The Girls ‘Trip, the actress’ rep told Page Six that this is “absolutely not true” and she will be the address of the words on the next installment of the Red Table to Talk about.

It’s to take on Instagram in August, and has now shared a lengthy statement on Instagram, taking care of a roller coaster couple of days.

“And God said,” We are tired, and tired of trying to fight the fire, but we were NOT burnt! The journey to freedom is a very complex, difficult, and turbulent way to go, but it is very necessary,’ he began.

‘The oppression comes in many forms these days-in the beginning w/ the physical slavery and bondage to the white man, then it is passed on from generation to program it so it will manifest in spiritual bondage.

‘The slaves of an idea, we are slaves to image, slaves to a code of conduct, however, is the image that you have created in your mind.. Even if it does contain a lot of fakes.. & all that you stand out from your “idea” & “text” it feels like an attack.

‘And you are not alone, I get it, but I, too, am sorry that you feel that way, BUT it is The only attack here is against the invisible walls are still a social construct, and “code” are to each other, & to us the hidden desires of others, to the approval and acceptance of, another form of servitude & bondage that blocks one’s true self to show & the spirit’s flow.’

Blocked, and for what? Live, silent, press and hold down crippling anxiety, and for whom? He is, however, a gift that has been given to you to thrive, ” he continued. “We are surrounded by so much disharmony in the external world, and so it is my duty to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve the gift of harmony I can be myself.

Truth and Transparency are what makes us uncomfortable, yes, but I don’t apologize for it. A tower of the truth can never be covered, only the tower of lies is free to do so. My truth is MY truth, and my own. There is no right or wrong here, it just IS.

Jada’s reps said in August that the allegations were ‘absolutely not true’ (Picture: Getty)
Jada and will have been married since 1997 and have two children together (Picture: Getty)

‘And the space and acceptance for their thoughts and opinions, regardless of whether or not I agree with it or not, you will have the freedom to feel WHAT you feel, because when you are in TRUE peace, with all of the noise and the chatter is from a whisper.

“My heart has no malice or hatred against anybody on the planet. I just just like the necklace, and I’m willing to DIE for each other. The gift of freedom is yours to have, God’s promises to us, but only if you’re willing to [sic].’

‘& , God is not a man that HE should lie.. & I Have a SON, so neither do I,’ he thought.

W/ that said, I have to say that, well, there’s one side taken up by a discussion, people got interviews with a thank you in advance for your help. I Wish You All Great Love.’

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In August, for the first time, was introduced to the Harmony about five years ago, with her son, Jaden, and grew close to the entire Smith family.

Speaking on The Breakfast Club this week, and it’s Not a Love, the singer claimed that he was “all offered” in order to have an affair with a mother-of-two, was well-informed.

“I did so with the intention of having a conversation with them. Due to the transformation of their marriage with their life partner, they are spoken at a different time, and there is no question of romance, he gave me his blessing, ” he claims.

Am I crazy for putting myself in such a relationship for a number of years of my life. I really, really, deeply loved, and they have a lot of love for her. I am me, and I gave my whole self to it. So much so to the point that I might die, and with the knowledge that I am truly myself with anyone.

He added: “I really liked the person that I am, experienced that will [with] and, you know, you [that feels] like – for- like, some people will never get in this life.”

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