Asus ZenFone 6, SKATE, Phone, II WELL 10 sets the gain of the Netflix HD certification


Netflix has been added to the Asus ZenFone 6, HE Phone II, as well as the WELL 10 and the 10 Pro is on the list of HD compatible devices ” list. In addition, the RAY Phone is the II, and as WELL the 10 series phones have gained a LITTLE 10 playback.

The display of the HD-and HDR content on the streaming apps on your phone, you need to Widewine with L1 certification, but even in some of the units with this certificate, will not be eligible as a streaming platform to explicitly whitelist them as was the case here.

It seems, therefore, Netflix and other video streaming apps have their own set of criteria for whitelisting phones, so it’s recommended that you use a digital rights management (DRM) is the app for you to make sure that your phone is the certification, or, better still, try to load the HD/ HDR content directly.

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