Asus ROG 3 has a hidden 160Hz mode


Asus ROG 3 have a nice 6.59-inch AMOLED screen, with a joint fastest refresh rate of 144Hz on a mobile phone. As it turns out, the panel is noticeably faster – up to 160Hz, to be exact.

The guys over at XDA-Developers have found a the Android Debug Bridge, a command with which the SKATE 3 is the control carried out in the experimental 160Hz for the test, and anyone with a basic knowledge of ADB knowledge, you can turn on the instructions in the source link section below).

XDA has confirmed that the monitor is indeed running at 160Hz, and that some of the games, it is capable of 144fps, technically, fps is unlocked, it can run at 160fps. We checked in with our review of games, as of 1945, the Air Force, Mortal Kombat, and Dead Trigger 2 will be able to get to 144fps on-the-SKATE-3.

Image courtesy of XDA-Developers

In an experimental mode, Asus has not yet been fully optimized for the console to run on it. Therefore, it can cause problems with the performance, calibration, battery usage, and even the hardware itself. So, if you are planning on tinkering with your new one, and not in the least cheap, the Asus ROG 3’s display, you are going to be at your own risk.



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