As Pat Riley Says, a growing number of Titles And Mvp’s don’t Mean a thing If You are Not a Champion


Standing out from the rest of the league is no easy task, considering the fact that you’re going to be at in relation to that of the greatest athletes on the planet. In addition, be consistent and be healthy for a full season, while making a positive impact on your team, it is extremely difficult.

This means that there is not a lot of people on the earth would put together a Scoring title, an MVP season. Even so, it’s a legendary coach and an executive, Pat Riley, to think that none of that means a thing unless you finish the season as the national basketball association (NBA Champions:

“You know, I mean, you can be dominant and win the Scoring title and an MVP, but if you don’t win the championship, but what the hell, is it worth it?” As Pat Riley said in a recent interview.

Some people may have comments as a shot across the players such as Allen Iverson, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, who piled up the individual accolades, but has never been in a position to win in the ring.

And for us, winning isn’t everything in this sport, but you have to have that kind of killer mentality, if you want to achieve greatness. Individual awards will be in the second one, when we’re talking about taking on the legendary Larry O’brien trophy home.

Pat Riley has made a name for himself for his uncompromising competitor and is trying to make his players feel the same way. His focus is on winning an NBA Championship, year after year, and would do whatever it takes to meet that goal, so the decision does not come as a surprise.

In addition, this attitude has certainly paid off for him. During the course of his career, he won 1 ring as a player, 5 coach, 1 assistant coach, 3 as a manager, so that this guy can really do in order to win.


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