Apple’s new MacBook Pro, and Air by 2020, users face USB issues


Apple-MacBook-Pro-Air-2020 models have problems with the USB flash drive. Users have complained that during the connection of the USB device, the port becomes dysfunctional. This is most commonly seen with USB 2.0 devices that are plugged in via a hub, or an ac adapter. Also Read – Apple to change the iOS-to-iPhoneOS, this year

The problem seems to be limited to the latest MacBook Pro and Air models. According to MacRumors, the the problem for the first time, it was reported back in May, but now it seems to have caught up with a group of people. “At random times of the USB devices you have connected to the mac, already have a usb-c hub, it would lose connection and stop working, all at the same time,” one user noted. Also Read – Get customized, Apple Macbook, iMac-in-India-now –

This is understandable, these individuals have accomplished the Apple over the boards. One of the Apple Community Specialist, to the people, and laid before them that they need Windows to install it on your device. It’s a problem with the USB port, it is very difficult for these people to make effective use of their system. As you may be aware, the latest MacBook Pro and Air models are equipped with a limited number of USB ports. Also, Read Microsoft’s Surface Book, 3 us-Apple-MacBook-Pro: Price, Specs Comparison

The use of the Thunderbolt I / o 3.0 port, with a hub that turns out to be too expensive to be a part of the user would not like to explore. It is still unclear as to where the problem lies. Apple is going to have to do better than asking people for their operating system. And as for the issue of the impact of the USB ports, it is possible that it is a Season issue, that is caused by the improper operation of the port.

We hope that Apple will find a solution to the issue at the earliest. The new MacBook Air and Pro series, do not come cheap, and customers will expect the very best in service and support. And if the problem is with the hardware, Apple is going to have to replace the equipment.

Meanwhile, Apple’s WWDC 2020, it has been done, and it’s promising to be a big year. The corona virus pandemic, of his uncertainty about the company’s annual developer conference. The brand has been doing an event with the promise of opening the door to a large number of developers. Apple is likely to be at this year’s WWDC, Steve Jobs of the Theater, with no actual developer of the public.


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