Apple to offer bundles of the most popular services in the fall


The Online services represent a growing part of the company’s earnings, and san francisco may be looking to offer a bundled plan is the most popular digital subscriptions to consumers starting this fall, in addition to the iPhone, and 12 of the series.

According to a new report from the The international monetary fundApple is preparing a multi-layered bundle in the service of the Music, TELEVISION, Arcade / game room, News, the iCloud storage space, in addition to a new fitness plan are under the “Apple” moniker. This is the internal code name for the project, so the final product may be called differently.

According to the report, there are at least four tiers, with the cheapest of the Apple Music and Apple TV, all in one package. The above step will be to reportedly add Apple, Arcade / game room in the mix, while the most expensive one of the levels brings up Apple News,+ in addition to a specified amount of storage space in iCloud, and it’s a new workout in the app. Code-named “Seymour” in Apple’s fitness app, and will reportedly bring a virtual fitness classes for your devices, and you can see you.

The goal of the system of the program is to offer a more attractive overall pricing, for the users in comparison with individual plans for each of the services. In addition, the collections are compatible with Apple’s Family Sharing system.

Apple is rumored to be the rest of the most popular services in the fall

The report also states that the iOS 14, to determine the most common services provided by Apple, and it would automatically suggest one of the packs for you.



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