Apple tells you why the iPad still doesn’t have a calculator app


The Apple iPad is one of the most popular devices from the company. You will need to have a product that is hard to beat in the Android eco-system. It is used to run on iOS, Apple has introduced iPadOS for the end-users. Most of the people find it to be strong for the others. However, if there is anything else you could have been missing, and it is a standard calculator app. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a very critical or a deal breaker, but still, it’s never been there. You can also read Apple’s iPhone, 12 to the series, it would be able to be sold without a charger, and EarPods

And, as confirmed by one of the company’s senior executive, in a recent interview with popular YouTuber MKBHD, there is a reason for it. Speak to Marques Brownlee, Craig Federighi, Vice President of Software at Apple, said that the company is looking for a product that is distinctive and great in its place.’ “I mean, of course, it is very easy to make use of a basic calculator app. However, the creation of a feeling like, ‘Wow, this is the largest one iPad calculator app is what the company wants to achieve, and when he does that,” he pointed out. However, he did state, “that day may come.” Also, please Read an Apple a 20W Power Adapter is certified in Australia

Apple iPadOS 14 positions

Apple unveiled its new, iPadOS version at the WWDC by 2020, earlier this month. The company has revealed a set of features that make the iPad more creative. Similar to iOS, 14, the iPadOS 14 also includes a lot of these changes in the design. These include the home screen, select widgets, compact design, the cards, calls, and Siri, and more. Also Read – Apple’s launch of the AirPods is 3 at the beginning of 2021

The company has also enhanced the iPad focused apps with the “Designed for iPad” moniker. As part of the changes, it updated the core iPadOS apps, with a brand new design for the full-screen mode, together with a consolidated version of the UI. With this new design, apps, Photos, Files, Notes, Calendar, Apple, Music, and more. iPadOS 14 is also a system-wide, updated look that will look somewhat similar to a Spotlight. Like Spotlight, this search also works as an app launcher to quickly open apps, open contacts, files, and more


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