Apple is making the iphone easier to unlock without the Face-ID of a lot of masks to wear


Angela Long/CNET

Apple has introduced a new feature in the iOS 13.5 in the developer beta 3, users can unlock their iPhones faster while wearing a medical mask, a face covering, by COVID-19 action. Although it is not mentioned in the iOS release notes published on Sunday, the Face, ID make changes to make it easier and faster to get to the password field by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the lock screen on your iPhone.

This is not only for unlocking the phone, but for the purposes of the purchase, which is in the App Store, Apple Book, Apple Pay, and iTunes, and the apps which need Face ID for authentication.

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Still no information on when this feature will be available to the general public, however.

Also, as a part of the beta Apple has released its first tools for the corona virus-tracking technologies, and Google. The new Exposure is Notified to API support, the public health authority, COVID-19-app. The software will be released in mid-May.


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