Apple iPhone 12, Pro-series, it would have to have 120Hz screens


A new frame that is shared by Ross Young from the DSCC (the Display Supply Chain and Consultants, it became clear that a list of phones that have 120Hz refresh rate displays, and that it will be launching this year. The list will contain all the phones that have been launched, including the OnePlus For 8 Pro. However, as we have seen, the Apple iPhone is a 12 Pro series from the list. This includes the iPhone, the 12, Pro and iPhone, the 12, Pro Max, both of which are yet to be released. Further, in the list of the upcoming Huawei ascend Mate in 40. Also Read on – Apple-Maps-in-India-now-supports in the Area

The list suggests that out-of-four-iPhone — 12 variants and is expected to start this year, just like the iPhone 12, Pro and iPhone, the 12, Pro Max’s will have the 120Hz refresh rate of monitors. It remains to be seen if the other two variants, with a 90Hz refresh rate being stuck at 60Hz. According to other leaks, the iPhone, the 12, and iPhone, the 12, Max expected to function, the BOE OLED panels, while the iPhone 12 Pro-series-phones will be Samsung’s OLED panels. Also Read on – Apple-updates for 16 inch MacBook or MacBook Pro and Mac Pro with new hardware options,

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The Apple iPhone is a 12-series thinner bodies, bigger battery

By supply chain insiders, the upcoming Apple iPhone is a 12-series will be able to cope with thinner bodies, it turns out that there is a report by the GSMarena. The biggest iPhone in the series, the 12, Pro, Max, will, apparently, only 7.4 mm thick. This is an improvement compared to the previous year, the iPhone 11, Pro Max, which is 8.1 mm thick. Also Read on – Apple-patent-new-glass-technology to make the iPhone more durable

The report also said that the new ultra-thin design won’t be to the detriment of the capacity of the battery, which is usually the case, this is a thin device. Instead, Apple is has something to do with the aid of a multi-layer, stacked on the motherboard and it was able to improve the performance of future devices. None of the four models are said to be more than just a battery capacity of 4400 mAh. Although it is not a very significant improvement, by 2020, the size is still a better option than the battery capacity of the iPhone-the 11-series.

Another report from Wedbush Securities’ Dan Ives, something that was alluded to in a couple of weeks ago. The phone 12 of the series will not be available to a few of the bundled Earpods in the box. The move is likely to boost the sales of the Apple AirPods.


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