Apple iOS is at 13.5 with a COVID-19-specific features


Apple has released iOS is 13.5 and the iPadOS 13.5 with the features that are relevant for our post-COVID-19 in the world. The most important of these is the simplified process to unlock for your device, Face ID, and for those of you who are wearing masks, that is, of course, everyone needs to work outside the home.

The new system will do is to automatically show the password field if it does not detect that you are wearing a mask, so you can just directly enter the password, and bypass the in-person IDENTIFICATION. This will work to unlock your device, and even apps for things like payments.

The other COVID-19-relevant feature is the support for the Exposure, the Notification API to support the COVID-19, contact-tracing applications with the authorities in the field of public health. The feature has been built in partnership with Google, which is also in the cast of the today’s together with Products. This is not an app in itself, but rather an API that will allow others to build apps that can make use of this feature. The feature is entirely opt-in, at least for apps that are explicitly for the use of the API, however, it is important to note that it is not in contact with the back-tracking apps to use this API, and will not, therefore, to take advantage of Apple’s and Google’s security and privacy features, as usual, be careful what you are installing.

Apple is also changing the way in which the auto-publicize feature, the video tiles of a Group when the FaceTime calls will work. At the moment, if you have a Group FaceTime video call, the video tile of the person who is currently speaking is larger, it is automatically, but with this update, you can now choose to disable this function, so that all the tiles are the same size.

Apple has also added an option to auto-share to health and other vital information from your Medical ID with emergency services when you have an emergency phone number (US only).

The update also includes a number of bug fixes, such as a black screen during the playback of streaming video from a number of web sites, and to share the magazine with suggestions and actions that can’t be loaded.

13.5 is now available for download on all compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.


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