Apple files patent for two-way wireless charging case


Apple has been rumored to be closed, the charging port on the iPhone, from 2021 onwards. Now, a new report suggests the company has a patent filed for a two-way, wireless mobile charging case. It was discover the people in the – Apple Insider this is the week. It is true that Apple is working on a two-coil wireless charging of a mobile thing that doesn’t need to be a lighting connector to charge the battery. Also, please Read and TSMC to manufacture Apple’s Silicon-based processors for the Mac and the Poor: a Report

This is, in fact, a patent allows the battery case to make the use of the coil is placed on both sides of the unit. Two charging coils ensures that you won’t have to rely on the lightning connector, to the power of the battery. The filing of this complaint, it comes at an interesting time for Apple. We’ve all heard rumors about the fire and crash-landed on the water, all the ports of iPhone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. And this development makes a lot of sense in that regard. Also Read – Apple iOS-13.6-update, you can use your phone to unlock and start your car with the help of NFC

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The Apple ipad with no ports to be in 2021?

Ming-Chi Kuo said that the company is planning to launch an iPhone with a completely wireless experience, ” in 2021. In other words, we can see that it is an iPhone without the lightning connector. This report is in accordance with analysts, the company is planning for its annual oil change. Also Read – Apple has reportedly been working on new apps for Windows 10

The company expects to use the lightning port, in favor of USB Type-C is the universal standard. However, they have decided to change things around, but again, no gates, Apple is looking to rewrite history once again.

When the Apple is removed from the headphone jack of the iPhone 7 in 2016, and calling it courage. Now, the company doesn’t have the courage to get rid of the flash, or any other type of charging port. However, what Apple needs is an alternative that a consumer can not accept it as a valid solution. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and have been criticized for the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the rest of the industry followed Apple’s footsteps anyway.


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