Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak complains to YouTube to allow bitcoin scam


Well-known Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, has filed a complaint against Google, and specifically YouTube, as the platform will just ignore his request. Apparently, they are using his name to steal bitcoin is a scam. According to the The international monetary fundSteve Wozniak, and the 17 other affected accounts and have filed a lawsuit against YouTube, the video platform that enables fraud with BTC and fake messages in his name are to be carried out, in spite of repeated requests from them to eliminate all these fake campaigns. Also Read on – Apple-iPhone-11 to be the first flagship iPhone will be produced in India

Apple claims it is on YouTube, Bitcoin scam

The lawsuit was filed on 21st of July, in the County of San Mateo, California, usa. Wozniak points out that Google’s “bold design, hosting and instantly take advantage of the similar scams”. In this regard, the plaintiffs ask the court to order YouTube to remove videos related to cryptocurrency fraud, as well as compensation for damages. Also read – How-to-remove-Google will Meet with the tab of the Gmail app on Android and iOS.

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Attorneys for the Apple co-founder to claim to be “in the tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies has been lost due to such scams,”. And YouTube should be held liable for failing to prevent it. “If YouTube acted quickly to stop it in a reasonable measure, that is, we would not be here now”, she added. Also Read on – Netflix-now-available-for-Google-Nest-a Hub series

These scams are similar to those taken by hackers who attacked Twitter last week, where they get caught up in some from the foundation of the famous, verified accounts, or promote a lottery scam on bitcoin. In fact, as the lawyers put in the Twitter case, as an example of what YouTube should be doing. “When Twitter was the victim of a massive hack for more than 130 celebrities have accounts, and they acted quickly and put an end to this scam in a single day.

Wozniak is not the only well-known face in the technology scene, which is being used for this scam YouTube. Bill Gates and Elon Musk, will be available in these types of videos. It’s worth noting that platforms such as YouTube and part of the responsibility for these acts under the Federal Communications Decency Act. It states that providers will not be responsible or liable for the content published by the user on their platform.


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