Angela Deem to be breaking the silence about how to have a baby, and the comparison with Lisa


Angela, Eights, don’t think that the comparisons between her and Lisa Hamme, accurate and complete. “The90 Day Fiance“star thought that no one in the reality franchise that would ever compare to her. The comparisons between Angela and Lisa, were for the most part, as a result of their vast age differences between them and their younger Nigerian partners. Both of them are well-known for their infamous tempers.

She told me that she didn’t approve of what Usman Umar dealt with the girl. According to her, and she felt bad that Lisa had to deal with him for a few years. She explained that if she was with Usman, she wouldn’t be with him.

They are, specifically, a critique on the ever-changing attitude, he is involved in the interaction with the girl.

Angela, Consider getting the terrible health news to

Angela, Eights, her dreams are dashed after finding out that they have close to zero chance of getting pregnant. She was hoping to be able to start a family with his partner, Michael Ilesanmi quickly. “The90 Day Fiance“cast members paid her gynecologist a visit, to know her chances of having a baby. They think it’s the fact that she got her period back after three years, it may be a good sign. However, her doctor was having trouble finding a her idea for them to have been shrunken down as a result of the menopause. This meant that they had very little chance of getting pregnant.

Angela thinks Michael Ilesanmi cheated

In “90 Day Fiance“the scene,” Angela Deem to be confronted with By Michael Ilesanmi for allegedly cheating on her. However, he stressed that it is not the case at all. In the season premiere of Happily Ever Afterthe trust issues between the two-the reality star popped up again. In this scene, Angela gave Michael a video tour of her new home.

However, Angela then heard the other phone to ring with a strange tone of voice. It was as if he was trying to shut the phone off, but she was already suspicious. Angela questioned, her lover, and begged him to tell her about the call. In spite of his explanation, he did not buy his story at all.

Lisa Hamme, mocks the atonement by Usman Umar

In other90 Day Fiance“the news, it seems to be Lisa Hamme it is back, along with Usman, Umar. Lisa said that they’re working on their problems together. In a recent Instagram live session, she told us that she and Usman will have to clear the air on a variety of topics. They also said that they are planning to head to Nigeria as soon as they can.

It may be pointed out that Lisa confirmed her break-up with Usman at the end of May. Then, when they are planning to have a divorce from bed and board of her husband. Angela Deem, Michael Ilesanmi will appear on the “90-Day Fiancé, A Happy-Ever“After you. In the meantime, Lisa Hamme, and Usman, Umar was part of the cast of the latest season of the 90-Day deadline.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on the “90-Day Fiance.”

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