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These are dark times, there is not any sugarcoating that. People are dying, losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. The COVID-19 pandemic, continue to disaster The so-called heartland of america, at an exponential rate, there seems to be no end in sight for the disease, and the economic recession will end.

To make matters worse, the government is leaving people to fend for themselves, the survivor of the with a $1,200 check it seemed to be announced, ages ago, and still, it took months for a visit to a large number of Americans. It seems completely ridiculous that the leaders of the government at the expense of the protection of their fellow Americans could be so naive as to think that it is a one-off payment is so small, it can be a good alternative to a living wage, but that is what we have in the states.

While many Americans are struggling, who are in the top 1% are doing better than ever before, and it’s a great time to be ultra-rich in America. Never before have you been able to make such a space by the IRS with no effects, because the richest 1% of Americans responsible 70% of all of the non-payment of taxes. This may come as a surprise, but during the course of this pandemic, and during a time of peace — for the 1% given more hand-outs of the government than anyone else. They don’t get money directly from the government, though, is that it would be too obvious. They are getting free money from the taxpayers in the form of small business loans that are being granted to mega-corporations, which are then used by managers to – stock buy back to drive up the price of the stock. The movement of the stock price is the ultimate goal, as the majority of their wealth is directly tied to these shares.

This is the main reason as to why He and a host of other bad-faith, politicians care so much about the stock market, and point to the large numbers, if there are any questions about the economy, even though the two of them are not the same thing. If these corporations and the plutocrats are happy, they will continue to be given to the Trump, and the other politicians of the world, so they can stay in power and do whatever they want with it. These politicians do not care about you, and me, because we are not making any money. In fact, these politicians don’t want you and I see eye to eye, for then we will find that we are being screwed by these people. They want to be, you and me, in order to be distributed to small-potatoes issues such as what Trump tweeted, or like some celebrity, it should be cancelled, that will distract you from what’s really going on. Decisions on the long polling lines, and the lack of political turnover, these are the real questions that we need to be aware of and constantly thinking about it. And that’s the real grift is going on in Washington, D. C. — the politicians of both parties are bought out by America’s ultra-rich.

Because there is controversial discussion about what the politician said, the cultural differences, the arts, and other things that don’t really affect your life, and the majority of Americans are blind to what is really going on. He’s the body of the cabinet it is filled with its own business interests, which have benefited from the many areas in which to screw up more than 99% of Americans, although ostensibly no one to talk to. Presumptive Democratic nominee for president and Joe Biden for the many of the proposals are looking to take advantage Wall Street executives the the prison industrial complexhowever, the media is not too critical. The only thing the two candidates for the presidency, with a chance to win a 100% chance of advancing corporate interests at your expense.

If you’ve ever wondered why America is still in the Middle East. America has been at war for pretty much my whole life — for over 18 years, with no end in sight. And the worst part is that we can continue to expand our presence there. We have troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, iran, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and other Middle-Eastern countries in the name of the the “War on Terror.” As opposed to our involvement in world War II, this military involvement, not because it is a just cause to root out facism. No, America is at war, many of the to people’s dismay,because of the make huge profits the military-industrial complex, it receives and it to dominate the oil and gas industry. The politicians in the bags these defense contractors will continue to stoke the fires of the war, and, while making off like bandits at the expense of American lives.

Even Though Joe Biden said he’s going to be an end to these wars, and not a lot of stock in what he has to say. The President, Donald Trump and Barack Obama the same thing, and still have young American men and women are being shipped off to fight for the best interests of the business community.

The reason why a lot of young people, such as myself, such a contempt both candidates will be in the future the 2020 election, because they are all the same neoliberalist waste that gave us the 2008 recession and the current financial and economic crisis. We know that whatever the outcome, nothing will fundamentally change. To be sure, the president does not tweet as much, and you will have more respect and Offer command in the office, but he is going to put an end to the war? Or Medicare for all? Or do something about mass incarceration? I expect that would be a resounding no, as long as some of the ultra-rich get their wealth by the military-industrial complex, private health insurance, and the prison-industrial complex. Obscene amounts of money are being spent by plutocrats, so the constituents of the their choice to get to make the decisions for their own benefit, not yours.

The absolute worst part of living in a plutocracy is that the media is being controlled by an elite that is focused on the division of the people into two, creating more of a tribalist society like the one we have now, is red vs. blue. When a non-establishment candidate, Bernie Sanders, was the front-runner in the Democratic primary, the corporate media, attack for him, non-stop, to raise it from the ogre lines such as “socialist,” or the demonizing of all things. In fact, his “socialist” policies, such as the Medicare for All and The Green New Deal very popular with the Americans, and so were many of the policy but you wouldn’t have known it from the way the media has portrayed him as a fringe candidate who was “unelectable.” The corporatists have helped Biden win the nomination, with styles such as “vote blue, regardless of who it was an expression of enthusiasm for the spirit of a “team” as their candidate of choice may not garner a lot of press on their own.

This is just one example of how the corporate media and the people who want to be in politics to be like sports, but without any of the players. And the corporatists want it, you will be directed to the blue team or the red team, while not pay attention to the policies established by the applicant. In this presidential election cycle, the top 1%’s wet dream, and regardless of the orders from the oval office in February, to be in the top 1% of the eventual winners.

Ethan Tessler writes about the contemporary issues which don’t seem to get enough of the attention. Write to him at [email protected].


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