Aarogya Dataset is no support for the API, made by Google, and Apple


AMERICAN technology companies Apple and Google were recently distributed to the exposure message’ API for iOS and Android devices. The API had to be introduced in a variety of applications in countries that are heavily affected by the corona virus a Pandemic, so that people are able to stay clear of the ‘high-risk’ areas. Right now, the API has been implemented in India for the first time. The API is implemented in a standard of health, safety and security-focused app, in each of these countries. However, the Indian anti-COVID-app Aarogya Dataset is said to be incompatible with the “Exposure Report” API. Also Read on – MobiKwik is temporarily removed from the Google Play Store, and for the promotion of Aarogya Dataset

Both Apple and Google have both a set of privacy-related protocols. Under this scheme, developers are different, please contact with the track apps will need to agree to the terms and conditions set by these companies. Most of them are related to privacy, and, in the case that the developers want to add more functionality to the API. Also, the conditions for the empowerment of the individual users have to explicitly opt-in to the technology to be used, so as to prevent the collection or use of data relating to the location of the device. Also Read – Aarogya Dataset: Niti Aayog does the contact tracing app will be open source, along with a bug bounty program

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While the API is being rolled out in a number of Indian Users, and the lack of support for Aarogya Dataset, it would mean that users in India won’t be able to make use of the API, except for the country in the contact-tracing, for example, makes changes to the implementation of the API. Many countries, including Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and will have more contact with the track apps in order to work with the Exposure notification protocol. Also Read – Aarogya Dataset: Government softens stance on contact to the trace of the app in the Locking mechanism of the 4.0

It is not yet clear whether Aarogya Dataset to customize the app to make use of the Exposure Notification protocol. “For Google, the decision has been taken as of now. We will have to see what the requirements are, they have to ask for it and then accordingly decide whether or not we want to participate in it,” said a spokesman for the Department of Electronics and information technology, according to a report from the The Indian Express.

What is the Exposure, the Notification API works?

As soon as the user opt-in to the use of the Exposure, the Notification Api, the system will generate a random Id for the user that is changing every 10 to 20 minutes. This is a precautionary measure, it is accomplished in such a way that individual users cannot be identified or located. The device of the user, are working in tandem with other devices in the immediate area, and will work in the background, in order to identify them, please contact with the positive-COVID-19 cases, and will alert users to the same.


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