Aarogya Dataset, contact-tracing app is now open source


Niti Aayog, has just announced that it is the contact tracing app will be open source. The announcement comes weeks after one of the security experts from all over the world criticized the app for the open source. In addition, researchers have pointed to the potentially dangerous user-the security of the data, the errors in the market. The government organization noted that this move comes just eight weeks after the development of the app. The press Information Bureau is the live stream of the announcement of the event on its official YouTube handle. Niti Aayog will share information about the movement of a press briefing. Let’s check out the details in connection with the making of the Aarogya Dataset the app is open-source, here. Also Read – Aarogya Dataset: Government softens stance on contact to the trace of the app in the Locking mechanism of the 4.0

Aarogya Dataset, it is open-source now; for details, see

The organization has proved to be the start of the source code for the Android version. Niti Aayog is confirmed that the size of the code for the iOS version of the app will be in the near future. K. VijayRaghavan, and the chief Scientific Adviser to the government, Amitabh Kant, the chief executive officer of Niti Aayog, and director. Neeta Verma, the Director-General of NIC, shared the details of the move. Side, noticed that she was always intended to be for the app to be open source. He went on to say that the organization is focused on how to add the contact-tracing feature to make it open source. Also Read – Aarogya Dataset, contact tracing app will be launched on JioPhone

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Kant stresses that this move is unique in regard to the disposal of the user base. He also noted that approximately 115 million people in the use of the app is to combat the corona virus. The app will work on multiple categories of devices, including those of Reliance Jio the Phone, and IVRS. Users of the app will be up to 50 million in only 13 days, and 100 million in 41 days. This makes for Aarogya Dataset is the largest one in contact with the back-tracking app around the world. You can also read – in Contact with the track is the latest buzz word in the fight against the COVID-19

The Niti Aayog CEO, thanked all of the people, including the developers, to the creation of the Aarogya Dataset in the app. Kant also noted that all future updates will be made available by means of this code to the repository. Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, it is found that about 98% of the Aarogya Dataset of users on the Android platform.

Sawhney went on to find that every piece of software that is prone to imperfections. Niti Aayog will also start with a formal Bug-Bounty program is divided into three different categories of risk. The developers were invited to go through the code and suggest improvements and solutions. Niti Aayog will also released the documentation on the app, along with a frequently asked questions section. The code will go live on 27th May, by the year 2020.


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