“A very small chance, there is no NFL season, will be in 2020


The corona virus pandemic in other sports leagues canceling seasons, but in the NFL, it does not seem to be affected in the same way. According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, a source close to the league said that there will be a “very small” chance of there is going to be the NFL season and by the year 2020.

So far this off-season, the NFL has been forced to postpone some of the events and changes made to others, including in the 2020 Draft. During this period, the project was expected to be held in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and the NFL was forced to cancel the event. As a result, they chose to keep the design of the virtual.

In addition to the draft, and the league was the establishment of the annual owner’s meeting and with the agency, it was treated a little differently than usual. As a result of the inability to control the behavior of the physicals, there will be a number of agents remain unsigned.

On the other hand, the NFL needs to start looking for a contingency plan in the event of the season, it can’t be played at all. Even if it doesn’t, the competition has already begun, taking into account all of the options. It includes an idea of what it’s going to have no fans, or a limited activity in the stadium.

The time for the 2020 NFL season is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 10th. At the same time, the Super Bowl is currently scheduled for Sunday, the 7th of February.

Of course, these dates may be subject to change as the NFL has been forced to make changes. Regardless of the season is taking place, the NFL plans on having a regular season at some point this year.

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