A OnePlus Nord, under the leadership of the united states, may be powered by the Snapdragon 690


The OnePlus Nord, it was announced last week, but the location of the telephone is but the first of the Nord product line is of which is yet to come. So, if you’re wondering what the next device in the newly created family, is going to be, ” well, it looks as if it is a phone. Shocking, we know.

In contrast to the first North, which is limited in availability to Europe, and in India, at least for now), and the next, the Nord will make it to North American markets, according to CEO Carl Pei talk Fixed. The timeline for the launch is “later this year”.

This is a device that can be powered by the recently unveiled Snapdragon 690 chipset, the Qualcomm’s soon-to-be the cheapest offering with the 5G. The chip maker will have to lower the price of the 765/768 family members (also in the North), in order to compete with MediaTek’s Dimensity 800/820.

So, for the next OnePlus Nord, it may even be less expensive than the current Deals. And it is available in the united states. The Maximum information was obtained on some of the counts in the most recent version of OxygenOS leopard (10.5) to the North, carried out by the people of the XDA-Developers.

They found a number of references to the one, the upcoming OnePlus smartphone, code-named Actress as well as a number of calls to a method called “isSM6350Products” in the OxygenOS of the Settings app. SM6350, moreover We have an internal indication of the Snapdragon 690. This method will check the model of your device, and then returns true if it matches up with the BE2025, BE2026, BE2028, or BE2029.

These are all versions of the upcoming model, according to OnePlus’s usual naming convention, where “IS” stands for the Year, Eilish. That is, it is not as crazy as it may sound, the current Nord, AC2001 and AC2003 model numbers of the “AC” stands for Avicii, the music star theme is quite realistic, in OnePlus’ codename game.

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