A new Recording of ‘the Terrifier 2″ refers to the Art of the Clown is in a Lot of Blood


The actor David H. Thornton it is back to the Art of the Clown in the Damien Leone‘s hotly-anticipated Terrifier 2and the film’s official Facebook page it is a very promising trailer soon. As of now, they are both in a bloody new image Art tonight, our first look at the killer clown, at the next follow-up.

“Here he is, in all its inevitable, bloody glory,” the pages of text and photos. Check it out below!

In the future, “After being awakened by a dark entity, the Art to go back to Mile County, where he has to hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween.”

Her LaVera the co-stars Terrifier 2‘s female lead, Sienna

Photo Credit: the Dark Age of Cinema, LLC


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