A Man of the club and the £400,000 luxury home for just £2 a ticket, and if no buyers during the pandemic


Daniel is one of this is a house in Mitcham (Picture: Daniel Twenefour)

When the locking mechanism of the removal is likely to be the last thing you want to do it.

However, it has been a difficult one for those of you who have been to their house on the market before the outbreak.

Daniel Twenefour have been trying to sell his three-bedroom on the Tramway Path in Mitcham, South London, for about eight months.

He had a couple of dozen sales to fall through, and then went out of the country at this moment, he knew that the sale of the property was going to be even more difficult.

He was in the house at the beginning of last year, and it was in very poor condition, and he wanted to renovate it in order to use it as a home while he and his wife were married in the month of June.

However, after the start of the renovation, and they decided that they wanted to live elsewhere as well as from the sale of the property to someone else after the transformation.

The floor plan of the house

Daniel explains: “We decided that we wanted to move a little further into the quieter, more family-oriented area of Purley.

The ‘live on a Tram road was a bit busy. It is on the other side of the road and a tram stop is located as you can get to Zone 1 in about 35 minutes. It’s been a pretty busy road. The hotel’s location is ideal for commuting to and from work, or a family with older children.

Daniel went on to work with the size of the house with a new kitchen, bath, lighting, flooring, and central heating.

The property has a terrace, three bedroom property is situated in a quiet no through road on the edge of Morden and Mitcham.

With Daniel out of the house. (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)

It is on the other side of the road and from the Mitcham tram stop and is close to Morden northern line tube station.

The ground floor has a separate reception, a second reception area with an open plan kitchen/dining room with doors leading out to the garden.

The first floor has two double bedrooms, one single bedroom and a family bathroom.

When the corona virus outbreak hit in March, Daniel realized that the be getting an offer, it would be even harder, so he decided to give a try to the alternative to the lottery method.

The idea has been tried by other owners, who eventually managed to raise enough to cover the cost of the property.

One of the sitting rooms. (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)

Daniel said, ” It’s no surprise, then, that the corona virus has been brought to the UK housing market to a grinding halt, however, after some thought, I realized that I didn’t need to be a housing market per se, I’m just reaching out to people who wanted to take the opportunity to have a house in London, to be completely mortgage-free.

“The concept is simple, but very powerful. Each ticket will be sold for $ 2, which will then be entered into a competition draw.

“The competition is only open for a limited period of time after it is closed, and the winning ticket will be chosen by a random number generator, and in the presence of an attorney at law. The winner will be the new home mortgage-free, owner of the 6 Tramway Path in Mitcham.’

Daniel has been completely renovated, and the dwelling-house. (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)

He is hoping to raise £400,000 to pay off his mortgage and all the costs associated with the property. The property will be handed over to the winner of the free stamp duty and legal fees

When Daniel reached his target of 200,000 tickets, is $ 2, and he’s going to have to make a donation of 1% of it to charity, with the support of Jigsaw4u (with the support of high-risk young people) and the NHS charity) Together.

He explains, ” When I reach my goal, I will make a donation (of approximately 1% or less. If I don’t reach the goal, I will be the winner 90% of the proceeds of the raffle prizes.

“The remaining 10% will be to cover the costs that I have made, for example, the payment processing, benefits, marketing, website, lawyer, etc, etc, and it will continue to move in the direction of a donation to a charity of choice.’

The draw will take place on the 31st of May, and you can purchase your tickets right now.

Let’s take a look at around the house:

The entrance (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)
In the front room. (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)
The kitchen area (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)
In the dining room, with French doors leading to the garden. (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)
The stage (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)
In the passage above. (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)
One of the three double bedrooms. (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)
The bathroom (Photo: Daniel Twenefour)

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