A cancer survivor, 17, died from the corona virus, after the mother took her to a large Covid party


A cancer survivor, Carsyn Davis, 17, died from the corona virus, after her mother took her to a huge church which is a party where no one wore masks, or the social distance (Photo: GoFundMe)

A teenager who has survived cancer, died from the corona virus, after her mother took her to a 100-person Covid party where no one is wearing masks. Carsyn Davis, 17, died in Miami, Fla., last month, and her mother, Carole Brunton, Davis, since convicted for the immunocompromised, the young and a large party where no one wore masks, and social distance.

Data scientist Rebecca Jones is a redistribution of the charge at Brunton Davis, her, Florida, Covid of the Victims website, is the branding of the event as a “Covid ” parties”, and argues that the Brunton Davis took Carsyn there is a ” deliberately exposing her immuno-compromised daughter to the hospital.’

Jones has worked as a statistician for the State of Florida, and alleges that she was fired after refusing to have a massage, feline corona virus numbers, to make their leaders look better. It has since been taken to the speaking of the break-out-independent online.

Talking Too, Jones added: “I went in search of her mother, the church, which is the Covid party was held with over 100 children, and her health history is, and who she was, and I felt so angry and sad that this has happened.’

Carsyon’s mother, Carole, and gave her to the unproven and potentially dangerous Covid-19, treatment with hydroxychloroquine, only after they fell ill (Picture: GoFundMe)

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It is unclear as to whether or Carsyn finally signed Covid-19, at the church, the state, and as a medical examiner confirmed her presence in their life report that they can not say whether it was intended to be deliberately exposing children to the virus.

Brunton Davis, is not to respond to the allegations against her, according to the – The Washington Post. The mother was placed in an emotional tribute to Carsyn on a GoFundMe page for her teen’s death, wrote: “the destruction of the Covid, struggling to breathe, and she didn’t even shed a tear, complained or expressed fear.’

The mother is said to have been attacked by efforts to get people to wear a mask in an attempt to slow down the spread of the corona virus, in a now-deleted Facebook page, believed to have belonged to her.

Carsyn, who are overweight and suffering from a nervous disorder, was at the infancy of the Church, located in Fort Myers, on the 10th of June in order to attend a ” cd Release Party.’ A Facebook promo for the bash, said: “the Service is back and better than ever!!!

Donald Trump has on several occasions touted the benefits of hydroxychloroquine, and even took a course on it’s own, despite scientists warning that it could pose a serious safety hazard for the Covid of 19 patients (Picture: AP)

There will be games, great giveaways, free food, a DJ, and the music, and the start of our new sermon series. ‘

After attending the game, Carsyn’s parents gave her the antibiotic azithromycin as a prophylactic treatment, between 10 June and 15 June. They are said to have developed a splitting headache and a mild cough while on the drug.

Brunton, Davis saw that her daughter “looked gray,” when she fell asleep on the 19th of June, so with her oxygen supply to her grandfather, who has a heart condition.

Carsyn’s parents and I also gave her the hydroxychloroquine. The anti-malarial drug, was touted as an effective treatment by Donald Trump, the president himself, even taking a prophylactic course of it.

This was in spite of studies that show the drug can actually increase the risk of death by a corona virus patients ‘ needs. Carsyn’s parents took her to their local hospital a short time after the hydroxychloroquine does not improve their health.

She was transferred to a specialist paediatric intensive care unit. The teenager’s parents refused to put her on a ventilator. Carsyn is in place, it began to receive plasma infusion, which can see, the plasma of a person who has been beaten has the corona virus will be injected into a critically ill patient, in order to try and boost their physical health.

If the treatment failed, she was on a ventilator, and continued to decline until her death on June 23, two days after her 17th birthday.

Write to GoFundMe after her daughter’s death, Brunton said: “We are very saddened by her death at a very young age, but his consolation is that she is in pain.’

Scientists, such as the White House, immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, have expressed horror about the politicization of the mask-wearing, and the corona virus crisis itself.

The protesters in hard-hit states such as Florida, have struck upon a new law-order-face-coverings to be worn in public places, they assert that the imposition on their freedom.

The Sun Is shining now, more than 214,000 Covid-19 diagnostics – more than one-half of that recorded in the last two weeks. Close to 3,500 people have died with the disease.

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