’90 Day Fiance’ on the stars Anfisa Nava get the thing to post to George on the Cover


The recent murder of a George Is On The Covera black man from Minnesota, has more of a focus on the treatment of the black population in the United States of america. Floyd died shortly after an encounter with the police, as well as a video later to show to a police officer kneeling on his neck for more than 8 minutes. In the video clip, which led to massive protests in many states of the usa. Former90 Day Fiancestar Anfisa Nava expressed support for the protests, and they recently posted a strongly worded statement condemning the George on the Cover of ‘ s death.

Anfisa’s post George Is On The Cover

In her post, Anfisa support the Black-Out of the Tuesday protest, an initiative that seeks to strengthen the focus on the Black Lives Matter movement.

She also urged fans to donate funds to the cause, as well as to make their voices heard by taking part in the protests. Anfisa’s Instagram followers praised her for speaking out about racial injustice. In the Russian reality, stars are born, to the United States of america, and during her time on “90 Day Fiance“in order to be with her ex-boyfriend, Jorge Nava –.

Unfortunately, the two broke up shortly after George was arrested for possession of marijuana. In a recent interview, George revealed that he was having a quarrel with the Anfisa before he went to prison, and while he was trying to get to work on the relationship, she broke up with him, after he had spent 10 months in the county jail.

Jorge told me that he found out about Anfisa a new friend on the Internet. The American reality tv star, and again his freedom in the last month or so, and he’s going to have to separate Anfisa, as soon as he completes his probationary period.

Anfisa life

In spite of her failed marriage, Anfisa continued to be popular with the “90 Day Fiance“the fans around the world.

In the Russian reality, stars are continually give the fans updates on her life. It has recently been a demand for a four-year college degree, which she says will help her achieve her dream. A lot of fans are hoping that Anfisa could reconcile its differences with George, especially seeing as how her husband has changed his life after prison.

George has lost more than 100 pounds during his time in prison, and it was nice to look at, and in the form of his recent Instagram photos. It would be interesting to see if the couple will appear in a future season of “90 Day Fiance.”

TLC has a new priority for the separation of the pairs, the one with the “90 Day Fiance“a franchise. Larissa and her ex-husband, Colt will be on the next season.”90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.” Fans are hoping that Anfisa and st George’s castle can also be have a chance to appear on the show soon. Anfisa was one of the first reality tv star to speak out against police violence on African-Americans in the United States of america. In view of the fact that it has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram, Anfisa in the mail, it would encourage other reality stars to use their platform to condemn racial injustice.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from all over “90 Day Fiance.”

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